Get Rid of Your Allergies Without Medication

NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique) is a combination of medical disciplines which include allopathic, chiropractic, kinesiology, acupuncture/Chinese medicine and nutrition. NAET is a contemporary and complementary blending of Eastern and Western medical modalities. The NAET protocol for allergy-related autism is pain-free. Using acupressure on the acupuncture points and some diet restriction of the allergen for a 25-hour cycle is all that is required per treatment. Modifications will vary for each patient. Again, I want to reiterate that the treatments are pain-free! There is no use of medications. This is bodywork strengthening and reprograming the body’s energy system to accept the allergen. Last month I discussed how the body utilizes acupuncture/acupressure to help achieve homeostasis or balance in the body’s energetic system. Reviewing the September 2014 article on Great South Bay Magazine’s website ( will help you get a basic understanding of how acupuncture/acupressure can help achieve this balance. I know this is an extremely sensitive topic for people who are caring for their child who fall under the autism spectrum. Doing the proper and prior research about the medical efficacy of NAET before seeing a practitioner is very important. There is help for your child.

Yes, it’s true. You can get rid of your allergies without taking medicine by reprogramming your nervous system with Acupuncture or Acupressure. This Acupuncture protocol is called NAET, which has been around for thirty years. There are approximately 10,000 practitioners worldwide helping people. If your allergies are not severe, they can sometimes be eliminated with a single treatment. No gimmicks. Blood work is taken before the initial treatment which test for many food allergens, chemical sensitivities and environmental toxins. The blood IgG and IgE levels are measured which are your immunoglobulins that monitor allergy sensitivities. Then after treatment protocols are administered with clearing of the particular allergens, blood work will be taken again to show the chemical proof.

Results do happen after NAET. NAET principles and techniques are based upon the combination of Kinesiology (muscle testing), Chiropractic, Acupuncture/Acupressure and some dietary/lifestyle modifications. A very thorough health history is taken at the initial visit and often, if necessary, at following treatments to detect where a possible hidden allergen or combinations of allergens are coming from. It is most important to strengthen the immune system by first testing and if necessary, treating allergies to the basic 15 essential food and mineral nutrients which include eggs, sugar, vitamin C, calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, salt, grains, and yeast. This is a prerequisite to treating additional allergies. Clearing essential allergies often help clear hidden allergies because your immune system becomes more balanced. In addition, this will help eliminate other allergies with fewer treatments.

It’s possible to be allergic to anything, not just the usual suspects such as wheat, peanuts, animal dander, pollen and molds. Some examples are salt, sugar, caffeine, spices, alcohol, food coloring/additives, cotton, paper, artificial sweeteners, cleaning agents, gold, silver, petroleum products and on and on. When least expected an allergen could be the cause to your health problems. Other common pathologies such as autoimmune disorders, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia and many other illnesses may be allergy related.

What Can Trigger Allergies?

The following allergens can trigger allergies in sensitive individuals. NAET effectively eliminates allergic reactions to these allergens, and consequently, frees people from allergies.

Food Products: Aftershave Immunizations
Artificial Sweeteners Air Freshner Insect Bites
Bread Animals & Pets Jewelry
Carbohydrates Auto Exhaust Kitchen Utensils
Cheese Bacterial Infection Latex Products
Chocolate Bed Linens & Pillows Leather
Citrus Fruits Bleach Lint from Dryer
Coffee Body Lotions Liquid Paper
Coffee Filter Paper Carpet Marker Ink
Corn Carpet Cleaning Chemicals Mold
Drugs Ceramic Cups Mouthwash
Eggplant Ceramic Tiles Newspaper & Ink
Egg White or Yolk Chalk Powder Paint Fumes
Fats & Oils Chemicals, Cleansers Parasites
Fish and Shellfish Chemicals, Fumes Pens
Food Additives Chemicals, Household Perfume
Food Colorings Chemicals, Industrial Pesticides
Greasy Foods Chemicals, Swimming Pool Physical Ed. Materials
Green Peppers Christmas Tree/Ornaments Plastic Products
Juice, Apple Computer Equipment Plastic Wares
Juice, Orange Computer Radiation Printed Materials
Milk Products Cosmetics Remote Controller
Multiple Vitamins Denture Cleaners Root Canal Materials
Mushrooms Dentures Smells from Cooking
Nuts Detergent Smoke
Onions Drapes Soap
Peanuts Dust & Dust Mites Socks
Potato Eucalyptus Tree Sports Shoes
Protein Bars Exercise Equipment Stuffed Toys
Rice Milk Fabric Softeners Sweat Suit
Salmon Fabrics Telephone
Salt, Table Feathers Tile Cleaners
Salt, Water Softeners Fertilizers Tooth Brush
Soft Drinks Fleece Material Toothpaste
Spices Flowers Toxic Fumes
Sugar Formaldehyde Travel Aid Brochures
Tannic Acid Furniture Trees
Tomato Gardening Materials Underwear
Vinegars Gasoline Utensil Scrubbers
Vitamins Grass Vaccinations
Water Filter Hair Colorings Viral Infection
Water, Bottled Hair Dryer Walking Shoes
Water, Tap Hair Oils Weather
Wheat Hair Setting Lotion Weeds
Wine, Red Hair Spray Wood Cabinets
Wine, White Heavy Metal Toxicity Wood Varnish
Yeast Products House Plants … and many others