Acupuncture Techniques

Our staff member are experts at applying acupressure and acupuncture in Bay Shore. We use several acupuncture and acupressure techniques in Bay Shore to heal our patients, but the number one method is with care.


During an acupuncture session in Bay Shore the needle is gently inserted in the skin painlessly, with a single-use disposable, sterile needle.  The patient is fully educated about the application of the needles. Patient Care is considered first before any treatment. Our acupuncture in Bay Shore is a safe and effective treatment.

Non-Insertion Needling

This technique is used with children and people who are not comfortable with needle insertion.  Gentle tapping and scraping techniques are applied.


This is the ancient art of applying an herb over the skin and applying heat to stimulate the healing process.


Glass or Plastic cups are applied to the skin where there is dense muscle tissue. The cups are then  made airless in the middle to create a vacuum.  Cupping is used to break up scar tissue, move stagnant blood and fluids, relax muscles, break up mucous congestion in the chest, and much more.

Ion Pumping Cords

A wire is connected to the head of one needle to another by a small clip which creates a healing energetic connection.

Electric Stimulation

A small current can be used to break down old scar tissue and “knotted muscles” that are creating pressure on nerve endings, which creates pain.

Tui Na, Amma, Shiatsu, Sotai Massage

Massage is the predecessor of Acupuncture.


This technique can be as effective as needling for the extra sensitive, needle “shy” person. Our acupressure in Bay Shore is the perfect option for many people seeking remedies. Our Bay Shore acupressure experts can decrease pain and address other medical problems.


Healing the body through channeling your Qi (energy) on the areas of your feet and hands.

“I have regained my strength”

“When I first started seeing Anthony, I was depleted of energy, barley able to get out of bed, and suffering from adrenal burnout. I had been diagnosed as having Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and was told by several Western doctors that there was nothing they could do to help me.
Dan Savini
Bay Shore

He was a great listener and treated me according to my particular needs and strengths. Within a matter of months, I have regained my strength, have been exercising and weight training again, and have returned to work. I have a new outlook on life. Anthony was happy to say I didn’t need him anymore, because I am healed!”

Catherine D