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Food cravings can get the best of us over the holiday season. We can easily get on that sugar-salt-roller-coaster. We say to ourselves, just one more cookie or just one more piece of candy or just one more chip with that dip. Attending one holiday party after another perpetuates the cycle. Once you give into the temptation it’s hard to stop. “You cannot just eat one.” This is an often used phrase that advertisers use to lure you into the taste.  Does your eating habits go hand to mouth with your emotions? Does your eating habits show that there is an imbalance in your body’s metabolism? Does eating seem to be a habit late at night for you? How do I stop eating so much at one sitting? Why is it at certain times of the day I have energy crashes and all I want is sugar?  Why is it so hard to find healthy food at the grocery store and any convenient store?

Becoming an educated consumer still makes the most sense when it comes to making our healthier food choices on a daily basis. Get to know thyself. Get to know your eating habits. Get to know the why you are eating something. Get to know what is in that box of cereal you are eating in the morning. Learn to read the labels on all food items. Researching on the internet how food items are processed, canned, boxed and packaged will help you make wiser food choices.

When people come into the office because they have heard Acupuncture helps them with weight lost, I first ask them, “Do you really want to do this?” Many times I get a perplexed look on people’s faces and they are not sure. If the answer is yes, then we proceed forward. Whenever a person has to make a change in any aspect of their life, they are going to be challenged by an old way of being.  Acupuncture can help with slowing down the mind and getting the mind-body into a more relaxed state of being to process this change. As I have mentioned many times before, Acupuncture helps the body-mind to go from a state of excitement to a state of calm and rest. These two states of mind are called the Sympathetic and the Parasympathetic mind respectively.  Making conscious food choices from a relaxed state of mind instead of rushing and shoveling something down your throat is a great start to changing habits. Any habits. The NADA and NAET point protocols in Acupuncture are just two of the many types of Acupuncture point patterns we can use to help put the body back into balance.

Often our cravings are something that we are lacking in our diet that needs to be fulfilled. It is not what we eat, but what we absorb is always an important point to consider. Acupuncture with a combination of a good nutritionist can help to restore this precious balance. Taking a simple blood test can indicate if you are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals, certain digestive enzymes and if you have any food allergies that may be altering the types of foods that you are craving. Kinesiology testing aka., MRT Muscle Response testing can also indicate if the food you are eating may be an allergy or a food that is not being absorbed into the body. The next article I write will explain NAET, MRT and the NADA Acupuncture protocols to help with any sort of cravings. The simpler the food you eat without all the fancy sauces and spreads the better. Eat as much organic food as possible.  Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and lean meats. Good healthy tidings to you all with the start of the holiday season.