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Healer to Healer – WBAB Interview

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JP from the morning show talks to Anthony about trading wisdom with Mayan healers, solving common health issues, and curing years of pain with Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine (without medication).

News 12 – Long Island Naturally

Anthony Cerabino Acupuncture

Healthcare Wellness Center was featured hourly on the News 12 Long Island Naturally segment Wednesday, May, 27th 2015. Anthony Cerabino informs viewers on how acupuncture can help those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Watch the clip below to learn about how you can find relief from your allergies!

Having Faith in NAET

Anthony Cerabino Acupuncture

    Amanda is a well-educated, high school principal, church going women, who has come into the office on the recommendation of her sister and her brother-in-law. She is riddled with severe inflammation in both of her feet. She is a full figured woman, big boned but not over weight, professional; her genetics gave her this posture. Amanda has been …

Acupuncture Long Island, NY

Acupuncture For Relaxation by Anthony Cerabino

Anthony Cerabino Acupuncture

Who would ever think that by placing needles into the body a person would become relaxed? Well it is true. Acupuncture needles are “hair-like” in size which account for an almost unperceivable insertion. Yes, many times the needles are not going to be felt going into the body. Many times the needle is only inserted a millimeter. When giving a …

Acupuncture 101 by Anthony Cerabino

Anthony Cerabino Acupuncture

Patient Care is the number one responsibility of the massage therapist, acupuncturist, chiropractor, physical therapist or any other healthcare body-worker. Do you feel comfortable in your doctor’s office? Do you have to wait two hours from your appointment time to be seen? Do you have a connection with you healthcare practitioner? Do you feel rushed? Do you feel like you …

Acupuncture for Allergy Season by Anthony Cerabino

Anthony Cerabino Acupuncture

What is an allergy? What is a sensitivity or hypersensitivity to a substance? What is an intolerance to a substance? An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity of one individual towards one or more substances which may be harmless or even beneficial to a majority of other individuals. In other words, there is an energy imbalance between the energy …

The Five Element Connection by Anthony Cerabino, BM, LMT, MS, LAC

Anthony Cerabino Acupuncture

Do any of these thoughts sound familiar? “This makes me livid.” “You have the Gall to do this to me.” “This makes me sick to my stomach.” “I feel bound up in my gut.” “I feel like my heart is broken.” “I feel like I just caught a cold in my chest.” “I feel so scared that I have to …

The Healing Journey By Anthony Cerabino

Anthony Cerabino Acupuncture

As the years go by, I am completely amazed at the vast array of alternative treatment modalities that are offered in the healthcare field. There are many practitioners combining mixed-modalities of healing practices. I had recently attended and also spoke at an event celebrating the Chinese New Year. Presenters were demonstrating and teaching Tai Qi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Osteopathic Medicine, …