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Recently I have been re-evaluating the types of conditions people are coming into the office for to get an Acupuncture treatment. Most commonly people are coming in for pain that is undetermined by a patient’s primary physician or another healthcare practitioner.


Currently there is not an imaging technique such as an MRI or X-Ray that can measure the pain of a person. Their pain is on an energetic level that cannot be seen with the eye. With vigilance, I continue to play “The Inspector Clouseau” role and acquire as much info about their health history and lifestyle management. Often before follow up treatments I review the health history to find missing information that the patient may have overlooked or just simply forgot about because they did not think that it would pertain to their current health condition. Very often, information about a past medication that was taken for a long period of time which has lasting side effects is overlooked. As a side note, I think it is important to keep a personal history of any medication that you take for future references. Many times an event, such as the trauma of an abrupt fall from a sporting activity, may be the origin of pain which will help facilitate a treatment plan and bring the person back to balance. Often, I sort out the health history and give the patient a direction such as dietary considerations, strengthening exercises, stretches and relaxation and meditation techniques.  Sometimes I simply refer someone to a healthcare practitioner or a type of therapy that would be perfect for their conditions.
Common  conditions treated by Acupuncture are  Headaches, Migraines, Digestive issues, numbness, numbness with pain radiating from either the neck or the back, varied symptoms related to Sciatica, Plantar fasciitis, Bells Palsy, Amenorrhea (lack of a woman’s period), Allergy related symptoms, Hemorrhoids,TMD (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction), Insomnia, Smoking Cessation, Eating Disorders, Emotional Upset including trauma, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)  anger, sadness, depression and anxiety.
Nutritional counseling is imperative if digestive disorders are presented.  Sometimes, changing or modifying a few items in the diet and muscle testing for food  sensitivities and allergies can be a “ simple fix”. As we have heard many times before, “Food is your first medicine”.
Acupuncture is energy medicine. Energy cannot be seen with the eye but many times can be felt by a seasoned practitioner. Self-cultivation of the Acupuncturist to feel the energy or Qi through meditation, Qi Gong, Martial Arts, Tai Qi and Yoga  is important. The use and knowledge of Acupuncture meridians and it’s points are essential but to feel the energy takes the treatment to another healing level.  May your physician of any modality take the necessary time to help you to live a happy and productive life. Enjoy the Spring Season and all it’s wonderful colors.