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What is an allergy? What is a sensitivity or hypersensitivity to a substance? What is an intolerance to a substance? An allergy is a condition of unusual sensitivity of one individual towards one or more substances which may be harmless or even beneficial to a majority of other individuals. In other words, there is an energy imbalance between the energy of the person and the substance causing unpleasant physical, physiological and/or psychological reactions in the person’s body. An allergen is any substance capable of producing such reactions. If the reaction is mild, it is called an intolerance. When the reaction is more than mild it is called a sensitivity reaction. An allergic reaction is when the symptoms are very reactive causing acute or chronic illness. True allergies are also capable of causing immunoglobulin productions so that IgE (Immunoglobulin E) will be elevated in the blood recognized in a blood test. People who suffer from intolerance’s and sensitivity reactions do not have elevation of immunoglobulins in the blood. In fact there are no valid laboratory tests available to detect intolerance’s and sensitivities. The good news is that, Kinesiology testing (muscle testing) is very often capable of detecting sensitivities and intolerance’s.

Often blood work and the latter tests will not detect minute traces of an allergen in the body. The following is a list of tests for detecting allergies. Screening for Atopy, Total serum IgE, allergen specific IgE, Mixed allergen tests, measuring eosinophilia, Serum Tryptase, Microscopic examinations, Cytotoxic testing, Culturing, ALCAT, ELISA,  and RAST testing are most commonly used for allergy testing. Other commonly used tests are sublingual testing, blood pressure testing, the elimination diet test, the rotation diet test, homeopathic testing, urine therapy and blood serum injection tests. Fortunately, if the all testing comes back negative, Muscle Response Testing (MRT) can be your answer. MRT is a technique used as a part of the NAET protocol.  The NAET (Nambudripad Allergy Elimination Technique) protocol has been around for 30 years and there are approximately 10,000 practitioners  worldwide helping people.

Yes, it is true. You can get rid of your allergies without taking medicine by reprogramming your nervous system with Acupuncture or Acupressure. If your allergies are not severe, they can sometime be eliminated with a single treatment. NAET principles and techniques are based upon the combination of Kinesiology (muscle testing), Chiropractic, Acupuncture and some dietary/lifestyle modifications. A very thorough health history is taken at the initial visit and often, if necessary, at following treatments to detect where a possible hidden allergen or combinations of allergens are coming from. It is most important to strengthen the immune system by first testing  and if necessary, treating allergies to the basic essential food  and mineral nutrients which include eggs, sugar, vitamin C, calcium, iron, Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Salt, Grains and Yeast. This is a prerequisite to treating additional allergies. Clearing essential allergies often help clear hidden allergies because your immune system becomes more balanced. In addition, this will help eliminate other allergies with fewer treatments.

Consistently checking and re-checking sensitivities, intolerance’s and allergy combination possibilities in each treatment is very important for a successful recovery from all symptoms. Occasionally, a substance may have to be rechecked and retreated to strengthen the body’s defenses especially for seasonal allergies. In addition, Nutritional supplementation and dietary changes may be necessary to keep your body functioning at maximum strength to defend itself against allergies.

The answer to your allergy problems may be not be as difficult as you think.  With proper attention and attention to detail, this lifelong problem can be resolved. Persistence and consistency in treatments is most important to solve any types of problems. Agreed?  Recently, I had a patient come to the office who was puzzled for years about his allergies. He discovered that he was allergic to the water in his house and has subsequently placed a filtration system that has remedied his problem of severe skin rashes, sores, redness and itching for many years.

May you all enjoy the Spring/Summer season of beach and sun that us Long Islanders take pride in.