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Did I Care? Am I being helpful? Am I truly listening? Am I being patient? We all have a story to tell and need to be heard. It has been stated many times that there is a “Spiritual Solution” to every problem. Many times just listening to a person in distress will help them to resolve an issue that has been troubling them for quite some time. “I listen people well”, is a quote that I often use as a tool for “patient patience” when I am taking a health history. Patient problems many times can be sorted out with persistent patience. Taking the time to really listen is a skill within itself. Often a patient will come in the room with several health concerns but does not know where and how to begin a course to healing there body, mind and spirit. Simply outlining the health problems can begin to solve a seemingly endless “health crises loop”. Often, I recognize in patients that mental, emotional and spiritual problems manifest into physical problems in the body. The person is “jammed up”. There mental, emotional, and spiritual “systems” are not flowing properly.
A healthcare provider/ body worker can access these systems of the body through Acupuncture or Acupressure if the person is needle shy. The Acupuncture points are the portals or gateways to increase or redirect the flow of energy to a particular part of the body that may be out of balance. As Science students in junior high school, we learned that we are electrical beings. There are positive and negative ions in every cell of the human body and it necessary for every chemical reaction in the body to take place. Acupuncture can access the electrical systems in the body which is run by the nervous system and the endocrine system. In short, the nerve receptors detect the problem and tell the endocrine system what to do. The endocrine system is responsible for releasing the proper hormones or chemical substances that regulate the body functions.
The Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Physical systems in the body do trigger our electrical system. The Acupuncture meridians at many parts of the body run in the course of the nerve vessels. A fascinating fact about the human body is that, there is not a space more than a millimeter that does not have a nerve ending in our body. Acupuncture medicine, with a clinical history, well over 2,000 years , has thoroughly documented in its medical journals the efficacy of the Mind, Body and Spiritual benefits. Many schools of Acupuncture theory and techniques stress the importance of the mental, emotional and spiritual effects of this medicine. The Five Element School of Acupuncture medicine, developed in this century has a primary focus on the psychological aspects of human development. Many mental healthcare practitioners today continue their education and become Acupuncturist to increase the efficacy of their treatment. They not only access the person through talk therapy but combine their work with bodywork treatments of Acupuncture or Acupressure. The combination of talk therapy and Acupuncture is a powerful way to resolve long standing issues without or the use of less medications that could produce harmful side effects. In addition, Chinese herbal medicine may also be a safer alternative to mental health treatments.
May you all be safe and go out and have lots of fun in the upcoming Summer months.