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I don’t want to be dark but I want to be real. Cancer seems to be looming all around us now. Oh, how I want to help everyone who has become a victim of this epidemic. Every day it seems like I know someone who has been inflicted with this malicious dis-ease. Some people say you have to love your disease before you can get better. And yes, this does make perfect sense. A basic life lesson I learned just a couple of years ago stated that, “You have to accept where you are in life now before you can make any changes.” A simple interpretation of the aforementioned statement is: If you cannot find a happiness within yourself or self-love, you cannot move forward because you are stuck in the past of what you do not like about yourself.

Learning and teaching people how to take care of themselves is one of the biggest motivators for me as a healthcare practitioner. What I mean by learning is that each person presents a unique challenge to me. I need to learn their health history. I need to learn their story. I need to learn their attitude in life. I need to learn their habits. I need to learn their lifestyle in general to get a big picture of what is going on.

What is the blame for this Cancer epidemic? Do I dare try to answer this question in public? I will present some daily basic life exposures that may shed some light on this problem. We know that our drinking water is full of chemical. We know that the food we eat is full of artificial ingredients. We know that the endless amount of prescription drugs we take throughout the course of a lifetime is extremely toxic to the body. We know that the air we are breathing daily is much polluted. We now know through many years of investigating that our vaccines are full of toxins if not the ingredients in the vaccines, have created havoc on our bodies. We know that constant EMF (electromagnetic frequency) exposure daily from just our cell phones alone are toxic to our body’s electrical system. Most everything in our home is built with some sort of chemical component to it including the preservatives in our wood beams that our house is built with. To the toxic cleaning agent that we use in our house and on our lawn. To the glue that holds our rugs together. To the florescent lights that are looming above. To the noise pollution of our TV’s when we fall asleep in from them at night. Let’s not forget the daily stresses of trying to make a living and pay our bills. How about the overpopulation of people right here in our own neighborhood?  What about the overconsumption of sugar, alcohol, caffeine and tobacco (including vapors) most definitely have to be recognized? I am not trying to point out a gloom and doom reality. I am just presenting a case of daily over-exposure to toxic agents in our life that can be modified with some education and discipline.

Illness is always a perfect storm of exposure to toxic agents whether they are based in emotional, mental, physical or spiritual imbalance. The perfect storm always presents itself with many variables. It’s not just the poor food choices you make or the exposure to the toxic air environments from your job or the over exposure to stress from a troubled teenaged child. It’s the combination of all these factors that create the perfect story or storm of disease.

Another common theme I want to present briefly is when our older generation of people are inflicted with Cancer. Many times it seems like Cancer comes on suddenly after a fall that breaks a hip, an outbreak of shingles, a case of pneumonia or some other trauma. The immune system that has been weakened throughout our life time with the constant barrage of toxicity is what finally cannot handle the stress of it all and the dormant cancers cells become active.

We all need to recognize this pandemic health problem in our society. We all need to recognize that we can make the proper choices in our life to live healthier with simple choices of using a water filter, eating organic foods, taking care of our emotional health, keeping our stress down and regular doctor checkups which include your dental health. I have witnessed far too many cases of this malicious dis-ease and we need to take a stand for taking responsibility.

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