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Making personal changes in life requires determination, perseverance, focus, support and self love. Making personal changes means breaking old life-long patterns that do not serve us anymore. This is where the work begins. This is where the character is built. We idolize our sports, musical and acting heroes on television all the time but don’t we recognize and acknowledge that the day to day person who goes to work to support his or her own family are our heroines? Often times we do not acknowledge our own commitment, drive, will power and discipline it takes to move forward in life to serve people, our community and our family.

Loving and serving ourselves is a balancing game of good health, good spirits, good relationships, good work, good fun and so much more. Proper rest with proper food and exercise are the fuel or energy that sustains us and keeps the cycles of life moving. Life is movement. Keeping our mind and body active is important particularly in our later years when the busyness of life is not the driving force and life slows down to a slower pace.

Serving and loving ourselves comes first. This may sound a bit narcissistic but the wellspring of life comes from within. It’s best to have a surplus or an overflow of self-love from which we can give love to others freely and repeatedly on a daily basis. It has been said many times, “Giving is Receiving”. An act of kindness will fill your “personal cup” of cheer. Giving from the heart. Giving sincerely without expecting anything in return. Giving and knowing that you have done your best for the other person.

I had recently watched a Ted Talks show and Brene Brown was speaking about vulnerability. The information in this paragraph is from her talk. She was explaining that vulnerability is a form of strength. Being perfectly imperfect. Being able to feel the feelings. Being able to connect with people is the most important feeling of all. Having the courage to move forward. The original definition of courage not bravery in the English language is based off the root word, Cour- meaning heart. To tell the story of who you are with your whole heart. The courage to be imperfect. The compassion to be kind to yourself first. To feel that you are worthy. To have connection as a result of authenticity. Vulnerability is necessary. It is not a bad thing or a good thing.  It just is.  Having the willingness to do things knowing there are no guarantees.

February is the month representing the heart. Valentines Day. Heart Health Month.

In Chinese medicine, the Heart is called the Monarch, the Ruler. All emotions are felt in the heart. Is is true when they say to lead with your heart? The heart’s mind. I’d like to yes. We are all one. We are all connected. Please send out simple acts of kindness throughout your day in honor of this month representing the heart.