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As many of us have heard throughout the years, “You are either acting from Love or your actions come from Fear.” All the rest of the emotions are  in between those two extremes. What does Fear breed? Fear breeds Hatred, Jealousy, Anger, Abuse, Obsession,  any Addictions, Compulsions, Short- sidedness, Isolation, Depression, Anxiety, Selfishness, Unhealthy Competition  and or any Unethical Behaviors, Love breeds more Love, Camaraderie, Community, Laughter, Contentment, Sharing, Merriment, Joy, Growth, Gathering, Touch, Song, Family, Children and on and on……..


The Power of Love. The Power of a Smile. The Power of a simple Act of Encouragement. The Simple Touch of a hand on  a friends’  shoulder to say everything is going to be ok. I like the question, “How ya’ doing?”, with true sincerity, “Is everything ok?”, “Can I help you with anything?”, Are you sure you don’t need any help?”.


We are here to serve one another. We are not meant to do this thing we call Life alone. We are to commune daily. Many places of communing are ever-present. Why do you thing a company like Starbucks does so well? They know the value of people gathering and sharing time and thoughts and emotions together. We are emotional beings. Let your emotions be expressed. Too often we are trying to put a façade on for all. We turn to medications and other addictions because we want to mask the pain. We just want to feel good all the time.  It sounds great, but this  is not reality. Yin and Yang. Good  and Bad. Love and Fear. Negative and Positive. Black and White. Male and Female.  These natural laws of polarity are what create momentum and drive us forward to grow as human feeling people. Don’t be afraid to feel awkward, afraid, embarrassed, anxious, sad, weak, vulnerable, ashamed, lonely at times. As a dear friend has said to me many times, “Life is a mixed bag.” We are very complicated beings but we are very similar. We all want to be Loved. We all want to be needed. We all want to be held with true sincerity and comfort…… Feel the feelings. It’s ok.


Again, as I have stated in many articles, Acupuncture can work on the Emotional, Psychological, Physical and Spiritual levels of a persons’ being. All pain is created because something is stuck. Something is not flowing.  For example, a patient is caught up on an idea or belief that is limiting him or her to move forward in life. Sometimes there is a tight muscle that is restricting proper blood flow in an area of the body which is creating blood stagnation causing toxic buildup in an area which leads to irritated nerve fibers which leads to pain which leads to inflammation and the cycle continues until we can open up that space in the body that is stuck. Sometimes we just have to have a good cry to release some of the past painful experiences that are holding us back from moving forward. Acupuncture can help with these situations both physical and non-physical.


Many times when I am working with people I ask them to tell me in one word what emotion they are generally feeling. Recently a patient walked into my office and said that he was experiencing extreme panic attacks. I ask him what he thought might be causing the situation. He said he did not know. He said,” I have all the material things I could want in life, everybody is healthy and happy. The children are all grown and successful and I have a beautiful wife.” I then followed another question and said, “If you  would have to take a guess what do you think might be causing your panic attacks?” He immediately proceeded to mention that his son-in-law had recently passed away. Then within the following 10 minutes he told me that he had lost several family members in the past two years. I said, “That’s why you are having your panic attacks. Your’ holding it all in.” This person was emotionally stuck holding onto all his grief and has not expressed it to anyone. As an Acupuncturist, I do not play therapist but I will just talk  as an adult to another  adult. I an just reaching out as a human being trying to help anyway possible. I am connecting with the patient with Compassion, Empathy, Patience and an attentive listening ear. I am acting out of LOVE.


May you all enjoy the upcoming Holiday Season with Hope, Compassion and Love.