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Ok. I promised to take the twenty pounds of weight off that I put on over the past two months of holiday parties of eating and allowing myself to just have one more of a favorite snack food or drink. It’s always easier said than done. Often the cravings of your favorite foods is what your body actually needs most but in a much healthier version of it. So instead of reaching for the sweet roll, a sweet potato is really what the body wants or a nice piece of fruit or a bowl full of sweet brown rice. It’s making the right initial choice of reaching for the much healthier sweet source or sour or salty food. Getting starting is paramount to any life goal. The old saying “A house is built one brick at a time” cannot be more appropriate to building new habits or new life choices. Cravings usually indicate an imbalance of your body’s digestive system.  I, personally crave the bad fermented foods and they are my favorites. Cheese, Catsup, Bread, especially wheat, Mayonnaise and pickles. I have a very common imbalance in my digestive tube which is a proliferation of yeast. Yeast loves to feed off of sugar. Yeast can grow anywhere in the body. Starving the yeast of sweets of many kinds will help restore balance and taking proper digestive enzymes with probiotics is a great start.

How can someone get on the right track and start eating properly with control? Working alongside a healthcare practitioner that lives the healthy lifestyle you are wanting so much is a great start. Education. Accountability. Creating a sense of urgency to get healthy is extremely helpful. Just like any other problem you are solving, you first have to recognize what the problem is. This means identifying if the habits are strictly emotional eating, time-crunch eating or just plain old eating unhealthy because you do not know how to eat healthy.  Many people have turned to Acupuncture as their weight-loss solution. Acupuncture with the assistance of a nutritionist, a health coach or nutritional therapist makes for a strong combo of professionals to guide you and hold you accountable. Having someone to answer to and be supportive is the key to sticking to your goals. Acupuncture helps the body to get re-balanced on an energetic level. Through proper diagnosis the Acupuncturist can help restore balance of unwanted cravings by strengthening the corresponding pathways or meridians that pertain to a craving. Yes. The body has favorite corresponding tastes associated with each organ. Acupuncture also helps with food addictions or any addictions with two very popular protocols called NAET and NADA.  Both protocols are very simple yet powerfully effective to your regaining control of your health. Keeping a food journal and keeping a  motivational list of why you want to lose weight is key to moving forward with your new life choices of food and the “why”  you want to make food changes.

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