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During a two week humanitarian effort in Peru, I was asked to go treat Maria that had been stricken with Polio for the past twenty five years of her life. I was assisted by my friend Debbie who was a woman full of “Reiki Love”.  We knocked on the door and had to wait for five minutes for Maria to open the front door. I was told by my guide that her legs were disfigured and it could take several minutes for Maria to straddle herself toward the door. Maria who was maybe three feet in stature, mostly of head and upper torso opens the door and greats us with the utmost attention. I looked into her eyes and saw a radiant woman with a loving soul that abounds. I have never seen such Love pour out of someone’s eyes before. Maria offered me a one foot step stool to sit on. This was her one and only hospitable ritual that she could offer and was a ritual to any guest that visited her. Upon  briefly observing   her twenty by twenty foot “home”, Maria did not have a modern day floor but just a hardened clay surface, unfinished  painted walls of adobe, a six and half foot ceiling, a small wood burning stove, her bed and of course her small altar on a shelf just above the mattress which was lying on the floor.

Maria knew we were coming to visit her to try and help her get out of pain. She requested that she did not want to be treated with Acupuncture so Debbie and I did energy work on her in the form of Therapeutic Touch. Maria began to express where she was feeling pain. It did not take but a few seconds to realize that her entire body was in pain. Debbie and I looked at each other with much anticipation to start doing the healing work. We placed our hands on her. I was positioned behind Maria sitting on the floor and Debbie was in front of her. This treatment session might have lasted approximately twenty minutes.

Within five minutes of “laying on hands” healing, I could tell that both Debbie and I were not making a big connection to Maria’s heart and body, so I stood up from the treatment and decided to sage this humble home. Upon saging, I did take a look at the meek dwelling and started to pray incessantly. In addition, I knew it was most important to sage the entrance way of her home for future guests to have a blessing and for protection of evil doers.

After just a couple of minutes I returned to doing more hands on healing work. I began to pray more intensely than I have ever before in my life and called upon every Guru or God figured that I could use for support. Within five minutes a strong surge of feeling had “come over me” and I felt a true connection with Debbie and Maria. I also noticed Maria had stopped fidgeting and she was out of pain. This was the healing moment I had been waiting for. More than likely just palliative relief was felt but that was enough of an indicator that a true connection of Love was made between us. I had to withdraw from the treatment session because tears were gushing out of my eyes. I could feel her pain more than I wanted to.

Sometimes healing sessions do not have to be but a few minutes to make a real connection to someone’s soul. When I stood up I immediately reached into my back pocket and opened my bag of protection that I keep on my person all the time. There was a necklace that was very special to me and I knew that I was supposed to give it to Maria. It had been blessed at a fire ceremony in Guatemala a few years back. Many people had prayed over this piece of peasant jewelry.

Fernando, our guide, says that Maria spends most of her waking hours sitting which was actually her standing posture on the floor looking out her doorway. Fernando said that she does not just sit there but is praying all day long. Maria is actually in a meditative state of bliss. Maria has found peace within the mangled confines of her body.

May we live in a state of constant gratitude for the many life riches we have. May  we give thanks to our family and friends over the holiday seasons. May we enjoy the blessings of abundance that we live with daily.  Have a Happy Holiday season full of Love, good cheer and particularly forgiveness.