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The season of lights is upon us. I am so excited about my new attitude toward the early commercialism of the holidays (Holy Days). “Let there be light.” Bring on the lights. It’s a reminder that we are all one. It’s a reminder to think of others besides ourselves. Many of the religious observances are happening this time of the year. Bring on the peace. Bring on the cheer. Bring on the Holy Day parties so people can gather in good faith and camaraderie. Bring people together. People can join. People can commune with one another and share the yuletide (feast). Let the healing take place between friends and family members. Practice forgiveness, practice patience, practice acceptance, practice letting go, practice being with people and only seeing the best in them and support them anyway possible so they can live this life with more joy.

As a healthcare practitioner for the past 20 years, I am constantly trying to find the common thread of all healing in this world. I have adamantly been reading and studying many of the world religions and looking for the common inspiration in each of these practices. Encouragement and support are probably two of the most powerful words that are in my vocabulary today. We cannot do anything without courage. To put courage in someone’s’ life is such a gift. To act out of authenticity and stand up for what is right and what is truthful takes much courage. Standing up for your own inner truth and life also takes much courage.

Lending a “helping hand” resonates perfectly with my profession as a “human body worker”. Massage therapists and acupuncturists work with their hands all day to feel where these blockages are in the body and then release and encourage new energetic flow and blood flow. When things are stuck, there is usually some sort of pain in the body whether it is represented on an emotional, mental, spiritual, physical or social level. Encouraging the flow of any of the aforementioned levels of blockages is my job as a facilitator of healing. The patient does their own healing. I am only helping them along their way of getting unstuck and moving forward with their life. A phrase I often think about is; “Life is movement” which can be interpreted as change. “Life is change.” The actual translation of the word “Qi” (pronounced chee) is change. Also, Qi is often defined as the “life force” or “energy” which keeps life moving forward. Acupuncturists and other energy facilitators such as reiki practitioners, massage therapists, polarity therapists, Kriya Yoga therapists, hypnotherapists, Tai Qi and Qi Gong therapists work with the body’s “energy of change.”

Encouragement means to give someone courage. Encouragement may express itself in many forms. Commonly, encouragement is expressed very subtly or when least expected. Sometimes when I am not ready to move forward in life, the “Universal Laws” of nature just seems to push me forward even if I am resisting making a change or I am procrastinating about something in my life.” Has that ever happened to you before when the right and perfect person or thing just happens to show up when you might be at the “end of your rope” with a life challenging situation? It’s funny how things tend to work out in most situations.

One of my holiday wishes is that I want to see people go out of their way to give a “helping hand.” Try to support people as much as possible with honest communication and don’t delay talking to someone if you are in challenging times. The “Season of Lights” is upon us. Go out of your way to make someone else’s light shine brighter than ever!