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Patients come into the office with a myriad of ailments, aches, pains, concerns and much too often multiple diagnosis because nobody knows what to do to help them. Drug upon drug is prescribed layering the problem even more so and creating even a bigger problem. Getting back to the root of the problem can take time but if the person is willing, there is help through this maze of mis-diagnosing and over-prescribing of any medications, supplements, vitamins and even herbal formulas.

It’s just so easy to say, “Take this pill and your problem will go away.” This leaves the patient with a quick-fix solution without any effort. Unfortunately, this is not an answer or a solution for a change in life-style that is so urgently needed. Many times I just tell patients to, “just show up and we can sort out these problems.”  I often think of a Woody Allen quote that says, “95% of life is just showing up and then let life take care of the rest.” Often, patient compliance is very simple. When people are offered life changes that are gradual; then changes can begin to happen without being overwhelmed. This makes the issues of distress less daunting and hopeful.

Unraveling a maze of symptoms is about the three “P’s” patience, persistence and perseverance. All of the P’s should be backed with graceful, self-loving intentions. The right and proper support will manifest when your intentions come from a place of love, not fear. If fear is running the “health show” in your life, only a negative outcome will result. Proper information and support go together without exception. Getting through the maze of mis-guided, mis-information on the internet must be counseled by a licensed health professional. Too often, there are “snake-oil” salesman out there praying on the desperate and elderly sick people who will do and spend anything for the next panacea or cure-all.

I know pain can be quite daunting and insidious and never-ending. But there is relief with the proper attention and education to your situation. There is always hope when we are here on this plane of life. I know that our imagination can run wild when we are hurting. Get proper medical attention sooner than later. Address the problem sooner than later. Don’t let your imagination make your problem worse than what it is. You want to stay positive and stay solution-based. I have seen people taking up to thirty pills a day because every doctor’s visit compounds the issue and each wants to give you a problem-solving-pill. This is not the answer. I am not saying that pharmaceuticals are evil. No, I am saying that all types of medicine needs to be administered with strict compliance and monitoring.

I have seen many success stories of people getting well throughout the over twenty years of practicing alternative, complementary healthcare. As I have said often, combining allopathic medicine with traditional medical disciplines is   the best solution. Creating a healthcare team in this wonderful time of innovative medical procedures and traditional treatments is paramount. A fusion of a different medical practitioner is second to none. Always get not just two but three medical opinions on serious medical procedures. A solution to your health problem is there for you.