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Being Thankful at Thanks Giving

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite compound words. (A compound word is a single word that can be divided into two or more independents words.) There is a large well-spring of knowledge, wisdom and self-reflection that can be interpreted from the word Thanksgiving. Tis’ the season of the holidays. Tis’ the season of the year that seems to always help us take a deeper look into our life and the life of our family and friends.
Giving is always a fun word to think about. There is always a large return of overjoy with simple selfless giving. For example: offering someone helpful directions, opening a door for someone, letting a person pass ahead of you in a traffic jam and the simplest gift of all giving, which is just to smile and well wish someone silently who is apparently having a difficult day.
Being thankful for everything is also a fun game you can play. As you have heard many times, “The Attitude of Gratitude” is a great exercise for your mind. Just say Thank You for everything in your life from the car you are driving, the home which provides a roof over your head, your children, your spouse, your friends, the food you can easily obtain, the many conveniences in your life including the coffee maker, fresh running water, your car, our numerous electronic gadgets which include your TV, your computer, your cellphone, your refrigerator etc. Get the point. Another fun exercise is to just say the word Thank You, Thank You, Thank You over and over and see how it makes you feel. What a sense of fulfillment the repetition will bring you and right now there probably is a big smile on your face.
Forgiving is another word that comes to mind when reflecting on the root word giving. To stop feeling anger toward (someone who has done something wrong) or to stop blaming (someone) is a simple definition that can be helpful in the holiday season. We are all interdependent upon one another. We have to work together as a group. Everybody has a unique and important role in this lifetime. We depend upon each other for all the necessities in life from the factory worker who makes your clothes, to the farmer who picks and cultivates your food to the computer salesmen who is going to find you just the right product, to your mechanic who is safely going to fix your car, to any teachers, mentors, counselors and the myriad of professional services that we all depend on. At times, people are put in that certain place and time in your life for a reason. It might not be comfortable at that particular moment but then the truth is revealed. The life lessons are learned. Forgiveness brings people back together again especially during the holiday seasons. Forgiveness is obtainable and may be very challenging at times but worth the effort. Sometimes when we think that forgiving someone is going to be a difficult, turns out to be quite easy with a quick “let’s just move forward moment” and the communion of the relationship is rekindled.
Giving Thanks or Thanks Giving is undeniably the busiest holiday of the season. The empowerment of this statement cannot be said enough. Practice this with your family in silence or as a group. It is always a favorite time in our family dinner when we offer each other a reason to be Thankful for.