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As the years go by, I am completely amazed at the vast array of alternative treatment modalities that are offered in the healthcare field. There are many practitioners combining mixed-modalities of healing practices. I had recently attended and also spoke at an event celebrating the Chinese New Year. Presenters were demonstrating and teaching Tai Qi, Qi Gong, Meditation, Osteopathic Medicine, Physical Therapy, Acupuncture, Nutritional Counseling, Five Element Theory, Polarity Therapy, Light Work, Energetic Healing Arts, Sound Healing, Yoga and the list goes on. The variety of healing modalities fascinated me. All these healthcare practitioners where striving for a common goal which was to help people with the professional skills and attention necessary to bring people to place of balance and live a pain free life.

My primary focus in life is to help people. To help people in an extraordinary way. To go beyond the average. To reach out and extend my heart, mind and body to connect with a person and help them to see the healing potential they have mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Acupuncture can be the vehicle to get to these states of being with a patient. Joining with the patient and meeting them at their level of healing. “I listen people well “is a common phrase I think of daily. People come in to try and resolve a health issue or several health issues and just need someone to help sort out there health history and get a starting point. One skill I have developed over the years is to take a seemingly complex set of circumstances and narrow it down to a clear focal point of action toward ones’ healing journey. Many times people in pain cannot clearly observe where or when the problem began. Often I notice this with muscle-skeletal issues. A person may come in with a pain in the right side of their neck but do not see the connection with their left low back pain that was triggered from several sport injuries many years ago. Health History taking is time consuming but an invaluable part of treating patients. Many times the connection is in the health history. Again, “I listen people well” is an integral part of the treatment and getting to the root of the problem takes patience and persistence.

Consideration of any aspect of the person including mental, emotional, spiritual and physical cannot be avoided when trying to evaluate and discern which direction a patient may need to go in. Often, guiding a patient to the appropriate team of healthcare practitioners is paramount. Many times people are not aware of any of the above healing modalities and the myriad of other types of therapeutic modalities. It’s an exciting time to be living in with the merging of complimentary and allopathic healing modalities.