Breast Cancer and Cancer Support

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month is here again. Actually, it should be Cancer Awareness Month every month of the year, since this ravenous disease has affected all of us on some level. So how can Acupuncture and Alternative/Complementary health care medicine help to fight against this dis-ease? Let’s start by saying the gold standard phrase, “an ounce of prevention is much …

Sorting Out Your Health Care Mess

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Patients come into the office with a myriad of ailments, aches, pains, concerns, and much too often multiple diagnoses, because nobody knows what to do to help them. Drug upon drug is prescribed layering the problem even more so and creating even a bigger problem. Getting back to the root of the problem can take time, but if the person …

Learning to Live in Balance

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I don’t want to be dark but I want to be real. Cancer seems to be looming all around us now. Oh, how I want to help everyone who has become a victim of this epidemic. Every day it seems like I know someone who has been inflicted with this malicious dis-ease. Some people say you have to love your …

Allergy Relief without Medication

Tara Lee Perkins Acupuncture

Allergy season is upon us again. This year we have often experienced Spring “flirting” with Winter. This means flowers are surfacing prematurely, weeds and grasses are growing, Crocuses are blooming, and I just saw my first Hyacinth popping up out of the ground yesterday. And, as early as late February, patients have frequently been coming into the office this year …

WBAB Interviews Anthony Cerabino Healthcare Wellness Center Long Island

Healer to Healer – WBAB Interview

Anthony Cerabino Audio

JP from the morning show talks to Anthony about trading wisdom with Mayan healers, solving common health issues, and curing years of pain with Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine (without medication).

News 12 – Long Island Naturally

Anthony Cerabino Acupuncture

Healthcare Wellness Center was featured hourly on the News 12 Long Island Naturally segment Wednesday, May, 27th 2015. Anthony Cerabino informs viewers on how acupuncture can help those who suffer from seasonal allergies. Watch the clip below to learn about how you can find relief from your allergies!

Having Faith in NAET

Anthony Cerabino Acupuncture

    Amanda is a well-educated, high school principal and church-going woman who has come into the office on the recommendation of her sister and brother-in-law. She is riddled with severe inflammation in both of her feet. She is a full-figured woman, big-boned but not overweight professional; her genetics gave her this posture. Amanda has been trying to get to …